The Grundfos MQ3-35 surface pumping station is a self-priming unit complete with an electric motor, an ejector, a check valve and a small accumulator. The automation is equipped with a panel with 1 button, a protective system, a flow sensor and a pressure switch.

With a power of 0.85 kW and a suction depth of 8 m, it is capable of supplying water at a speed of 3.9 m3 / h, raising it by 34 m. Indicators required for switching on: Qmin = 1.2 l / min, Pmin = 2 bar, tmin = +35 ° C.


wear resistance: working parts and components are made of nickel-chromium steel;
thrift: thanks to the accumulator, the system rarely starts;
protection against overheating, jamming, air swing;
simple installation: device weight – 13 kg;
adequate price and durability: the Grundfos MQ3-35 water pumping station costs 19.9-21.4 thousand rubles, it lasts 10 years.


small-sized pressure tank;
expensive repairs.