The Grundfos UPA 15-90 surface lifting unit is characterized by a lifting height of 8 m, a flow of 1.5 m3 / h, and a power consumption of 0.12 kW. It works manually or automatically (after opening the tap) with a minimum inlet pressure of 0.2 bar and t of liquid from +2 to +60 ° С.

It is equipped with an induction motor, terminal box, flow switch and a housing made of cast iron or stainless steel (version “N”). The service life is 10 years, warranty – 36 months.


corrosion resistance and durability: the impeller, the shaft with bearings and the separating sleeve are made, respectively, of composite, aluminum oxide and stainless steel;
compactness and, as a result, ease of installation: weight 2.6 kg, installation length 16 cm;
protection: regular working – from overheating; in automatic mode – from dry running;
minimum noise level: does not exceed 35 dB;
affordable cost: you can buy a Grundfos UPA 15-90 water pump for 5.3-7.8 thousand rubles.


a rare occurrence – over time, automation can “junk”;
stainless modification is expensive: the price of a water pump Grundfos UPA 15 – 90 N – 11.0-12.6 thousand rubles.